Space plug Regular 25 pack (30-50mm)
Space plug Regular 25 pack (30-50mm)
Space plug Regular 25 pack (30-50mm)
Space plug Regular 25 pack (30-50mm)

Space plug Regular 25 pack (30-50mm)

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 U-Scribe Jig Now Stock the Amazing Space Plug

 This Pack Contains 25 Regular Space Plugs for Gaps of 30-50mm

  • Space-Plug The Award-Winning Spacer Fixing - Designed by a former kitchen fitter that has now sold over 3.5 million units world-wide. Developed specifically for fitting kitchen base units but is useful for securing many types of fitted and freestanding furniture and has a myriad of adhoc rescue uses besides!
  • The Easy And Hassle-Free Unit Spacer Fitting - With Space-Plug you can bin dreaded L-Bracket hassle, stop wasting time searching for fiddly components and skip getting frustrated working in tight spaces.
  • Space-Plug Unlike Traditional Methods Is A Spacer That Is - Fast, Simple, Accurate, Adjustable, Flexible, Professional and Accessible.
  • 100% Accurate - Space-Plug fits quickly and simply with just 1 easily accessible screw. It is fitted whilst the unit is in place, so once a unit is in position there’s never a need to move it. Lateral adjustment allows easy fitting on uneven or skewed walls and means there’s no need for fiddly shims or packers. Horizontal flexibility allows alignment with wall studs or avoidance of pipes/cables etc. Leaves a neat professional finish. Easily Accessible even after the installation is complete.
  • Ideal For Professional Kitchen Installer And DIY Use - Space-Plugs can be used to tie-back many types of furniture and are robust and sturdy enough for many other uses. Ideal for many (not ALL) types of fitted or freestanding furniture: Bookcases, Drawer Units, Wardrobes, Tall Bathroom Units, Office Furniture, Nursery Furniture etc. For many other purposes such as behind WC Cisterns, Boxing-in Pipes, Levelling Legs, Inside insulated walls to retain fittings or anywhere you decide suitable!