The Systainer Edition
The Systainer Edition
The Systainer Edition

The Systainer Edition

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The Systainer Edition 

The ultimate scribing selection from U-Scribe Jig, complete with fitted foam to keep your scribe tools safe and secure, they come encased in a Mini anthracite Branded Systainer, easily recognisable, immediately useful

This set comprises of -

1 - Mini Systainer in Anthracite

1 - 18mm set of jigs

1 - 19mm set of jigs 

1 - 16mm set of jigs

2 - Pencil Scriber Compasses 

2 - Branded Pencils

1 - Fitted foam Insert


The Bespoke foam insert holds all you scribe tools safely and looks professional encased in the easily recognisable Mini Systainer Branded with our Logo

Bought separately this complete set is £78.96 so you save £15.97 

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